Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Supplier In India

Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Supplier In India

Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Supplier In India:

Metrix Metal Industries is a reputed company that is engaged in the trade of wide
Range of Stainless Steel Products and SS & MS Fabrication Turnkey Projects.
We Supply Stainless Steel Industrial Plates, Stainless Steel Coils, Stainless Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Wires, Stainless Steel Rods, etc.

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Fittings made of forged steel are known as forged steel fittings. Cutting and heating billets, applying pressure to heated billets under dies to form desired shapes, trimming, and shot blasting are all steps in the production of forged steel fittings.
Uses of Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
Forged fittings are often used to join valves, pipes, pumps, and other equipment.

Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
Socket Weld 45 Degree Elbow.
Socket Weld Reducing Tee.
Socket Weld Reducing Cross.
Socket Weld Half Coupling.

Application of Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
Stainless steel forged fittings are widely used in various industries due to their excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and durability.
Here are some common applications of stainless steel forged fittings:
Chemical Processing
Petrochemical Industry
Water Treatment
Construction and Infrastructure
We are a Supplier of Stainless Steel Forged Fittings In India.

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