SS Dairy Valves And Fittings

SS Dairy Valves And Fittings-Matrix Metal

SS Dairy Valves And Fittings-Matrix Metal
Matrix Metal Industries, our organization, provides you with the best range of stainless steel valves.
These valves are used to automatically release substances from pressure vessels and boilers when the pressure or temperature exceeds the limit.

A wide range of industries use these components for various applications such as chemical plants, gas storage tanks, boilers, etc.
We produce a comprehensive range of dairy valves in different diameters, specifications, types, forms, sizes, shapes, wall thicknesses, standards, and lengths.

As a customer-oriented supplier, we provide stainless steel dairy valves to our valuable customers according to their specific requirements.
Our dairy valves are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and have perfect dimensional accuracy and sturdy construction.

Stainless Steel Milk Fittings are highly hygienic due to the high-quality steel used in their production.

These fittings have a bending radius of R=1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, and custom sizes.
Stainless Steel Milk Line Fittings are aesthetically pleasing and allow for proper cleaning and maintenance. They are reliable and have a long service life.

We offer various types of dairy valves, including:

Three-Way Dairy Plug Valve
Two-Way Dairy Plug Valve Without Union
Butterfly Valve Plain End
Butterfly Valve
Tank Valve
Diaphragm Valve
Sight Glass Valve, etc.

Matrix Metal Industries is a supplier of SS dairy valves and fittings in Gandhidham, as well as various locations in Bhachau, Bhuj, and Mundra.
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