Top GI Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Top GI Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Top GI Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Matrix Metal Industries, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, stands out as a premier manufacturer of GI Roofing Sheets.
We take pride in crafting high-quality stainless steel products, encompassing industrial plates, coils, sheets, wires, rods, and more.

Our GI Roofing Sheets, made from galvalume or galvanized steel, come in various thicknesses, coating densities, widths, and lengths.
Lightweight and easy to install, these roofing materials provide effective heat insulation, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside buildings.

The high-strength GI Roofing Sheets can withstand severe weather conditions, water, and moisture.
With a rust-proof surface and good acoustic properties, this roofing product offers durability and low maintenance, saving servicing costs for various structures.


Excellent sound and heat insulation
Abrasion and rustresistant
Suitable for harsh weather conditions
Easy installation method
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Versatility in Applications

Applications of Our Roofing Sheets:

Factory sheds
Farm sheds
Poultry sheds
Industrial sheds
Auditorium sheds
Warehouse sheds
Cold storage sheds
Airport hangars

Matrix Metal Industries, recognized as a Top GI Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, serves various locations, including Bhavnagar, Sihor, Umrala,
Gariadhar, Palitana, Mahuva, Talaja, Ghogha, Jesar, and Vallbhipur.

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