Supplier of Roofing Sheets in Ankleshwar

Supplier of Roofing Sheets in Ankleshwar

Matrix Metal Industries stands as the premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Roofing Sheets in Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat, offering a diverse range of
roofing solutions in various models and sizes.

As a prominent player in the stainless steel industry, Matrix Metal Industries actively trades a comprehensive range of stainless steel products and specializes
in turnkey projects in SS & MS fabrication.

The product lineup includes stainless steel industrial plates, coils, sheets, wires, rods, roofing sheets, and more.
Matrix Metal Industries Roofing emerges as an innovative firm committed to delivering solutions of the highest standards in roofing.

The company pledges to provide top-tier goods to valued clients in both domestic and international markets.
Stringent quality testing ensures roofing sheets meet high standards, featuring anti-capillary groove seals for leak prevention, ensuring top-notch performance.

These waterproof roofing sheets combine functionality with aesthetics, offering a variety of colors to enhance their sophisticated appearance, ensuring versatility and appeal.
Featuring slight square fluting for enhanced results, these sheets offer a minimum yield strength of 550 MPA, ensuring robust durability in roofing applications.


Perfect for Any Roof: Precision-manufactured to fit any roof with perfection.
Broader Valley for Rapid Water Drainage: Ensures efficient water drainage during heavy rainfall.
Strongly Coated for Color Retention: Withstands severe rains without color distortion.
Variety of Forms and Textures: Available in transparency, curved, sinusoidal forms, and various textures.

Matrix Metal Industries extends its expertise as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Roofing Sheets in Ankleshwar, Bharuch, and surrounding locations, including Bharuch,
Surat, Jambusar, Jhagadia, and Dahej.

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